Suicide Prevention


The American Legion Department of Minnesota Family Suicide Prevention Coalition:

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 The Minnesota American Legion Family Suicide Prevention Coalition is a grassroots effort to make an awareness in our Posts, Districts and communities, suicide needs to be preventable and to have the tools to help. Our Coalition meets monthly to strategize on how we can get information and training to our Post levels. In this crazy world we are living in we all need to have the tools to recognize someone needs help or a shoulder to lean on. Our Veterans and their families well being is the number 1 priority. 

The American Legion Department of Minnesota, has an opportunity for our family to create networks across MN so no matter which American Legion Post/Auxiliary/Sons of The American Legion/and family member, a person is connected to or walking into, they have suicide prevention information and resources readily available and all MN districts are making an effort to reach out to their community, connect with local folks who may be struggling and prevent suicide in our military family community.

Please disseminate this information widely, so that any MN American Legion Family member can be a part of this coalition.

The last clause in our preamble; “by our devotion to mutual helpfulness.”

Thank you all for your time and consideration. Please reach out to me with any questions.

Department Adjutant Mike, 651.424.4613,

Next Meeting

Date:  Next meeting will be in September 2023. 


Location: by Zoom, the link to the meeting will be emailed out. If you would like to be a part of the meeting and have not attended one of our meetings, please email Adjutant Mike at; mmaxa@mnlegion.or

If a post or district within The American Legion Department of Minnesota would like to host a Suicide Prevention/Awareness seminar please give me a call, Adjutant Mike. The S[signs].A[ask].V[validate].E[encourage & expedite]. training would last approximately one-hour. We can tailor the seminar to concerns or issues that maybe affecting your community or area of the state? If your post is willing to be the host for your district or a number of posts in your area give me a call and I will set it up for you. 

Contact Adjutant Mike; direct line – 651.424.4613, or email –


23rd Veteran:

Provide happier, healthier lives for veterans living with trauma.

Ten years after serving in combat our founder returned to hope and happiness. Seeing many of his Marine Corps brothers continue that struggle, he vowed to grow an organization that could give them a chance to earn their happiness.

Personal trainers, positive psychologists, and military personnel collectively created the 23V Recon Playbook. A unique 14-week full-exposure and holistic approach to removing the negative effects of trauma. Based on self-reported data, this is one of the most effective programs developed for military and veterans who’ve experienced trauma.

100% of graduates have reported living a happier and higher quality of life. Many graduates have returned to the workforce, healthier family lives, and stronger contributors to their community. Please follow the link below to check out their website.

Please fill out the swag request form, link below, and send to Department of Minnesota Headquarters.

ALF SPC Swag Request Form with Photos

What is S.A.V.E. training? The link below provides a short overview of what the training entails. If your post would like us to conduct this training for you contact the Department of Minnesota Adjutant for scheduling, 651.424.4613

SAVE Tng One-Pager

Every Third Saturday Coffee Clutch meets every Tuesday. Clink on link below to see the flyer.


Veteran’s Coffee Talk FLYER

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