Fall Conference

A member of the National Guard speaks to the assembled members at the 2019 Fall Conference.
Members of the Auxiliary and American Legion dress as people from the 1920s for a skit. The Fall Conference has a variety of information.

The Fall Conference is one of our most important gatherings of the year. It is our annual school of instruction, and we hope it is the kind of event you can talk about when you get home.

By being here, you have shown your dedication to our great organizations.

What: 2022 Fall Conference
Where: TBD

When: Oct. 27-29,2022

There will be some committee meetings on Thursday afternoon with the DEC meeting Thursday evening. General Training Sessions will begin Friday 28 Oct and finish Saturday 29 Oct 2022.
Who: TBD
Cost: TBD
Memories: Last a lifetime

How to sign up: