Department of Minnesota Committees

NOTE: The “To Serve” column refers to years remaining on the committee, not to any officer role.

Americanism Committee

NameTitleTo ServeContact
Tess DavisChairman1 yearsSend email
Art Tobkin2 yearsSend email
Larry Pocrnich3 yearSend email

Americanism Subcommittee Chairs

Kyle OldreBoys State DirectorSend email
Thomas ClaboCommunity Service ChairmanSend email
Don SkowEducation ChairmanSend email
Tess DavisEducation LiaisonSend email
Jared SturgillJr. Shooting Sports DirectorSend email
Jamie WoodsOratorical Contest ChairmanSend email
Amanda EnglandOratorical Contest Vice ChairmanSend email
James BlakesleySafety School Patrol ChairmanSend email
David "Chip" MansonScouts ChairmanSend email
VacantYouth Cadet Law Enforcement ChairmanSend email
Districts name members to each committee

American Legion Riders Committee

Minnesota American Legion Riders website

Ted BergDirectorSend email
Garylee DavenportAssistant DirectorSend email
Jody HassingSecretarySend email
Roy Naylor1st DistrictSend email
Duane Mabon2nd DistrictSend email
Jim Zangle3rd DistrictSend email
Kim Elledge4th DistrictSend email
Lee Davis5th DistrictSend email
Leslie Kruft6th DistrictSend email
Garylee Davenport7th DistrictSend email
Zandra Kessler8th DistrictSend email
Tom Krabbenhoft9th DistrictSend email
Matt Beren10 DistrictSend email
Chuck StoneLiaisonSend email

Armed Forces Service Center

MSP Int’l Airport Armed Forces Service Center website

NameTitleTo ServeContact
David DahlRepresentativeSend email

Baseball Committee

Minnesota American Legion Baseball website

NameTitleTo ServeContact
Randy SchaubDirector3 yearSend email
Brandon RaymoVice Director1 yearsSend email
Jeff MillerVice Director2 yearsSend email
Tim EngstromSecretarySend email
Scott McCready1st DistrictSend email
Vern Kitzberger2nd DistrictSend email
Bruce Young3rd DistrictSend email
Gail Kalata4th DistrictSend email
Kyle Nutting5th DistrictSend email
Wes Thompson6th DistrictSend email
Mike Gort7th DistrictSend email
Tom Coombe8th DistrictSend email
Mike Arvidson9th DistrictSend email
Luther Dorr10th DistrictSend email
Jim PeckJunior DirectorSend email
Al DavisAdvisorSend email

Blood Donor Program Committee

Terry LarsonChairmanSend email
And one member from each district

Board of Publications

The Minnesota Legionnaire webpage

NameTitleSelected ByTo ServeContact
Jennifer HavlickPresidentConvention BallotSend email
Mike AshVice PresidentBoard of Publications1 yearSend email
Mike MaxaSecretaryExecutive CommitteeSend email
Bill GoedeTreasurerExecutive CommitteeSend email
Paul EdwardsConvention Ballot1 yearSend email
Dennis HenkemeyerExecutive Committee1 yearSend email
Darrel RedepenningConvention Ballot2 yearsSend email
Mike AshExecutive Board of Publications2 yearsSend email
David "Chip" MansonConvention Ballot3 yearsSend email
Carroll PartridgeExecutive Committee3 yearsSend email
EditorTim EngstromBoard of PublicationsSend email

Bowling Committee

Bob MaceChairmanSend email
Tom SkuzaTAL
Pam HoshalALASend email
LeRoy GonzalesSALSend email
Cari LambSecretarySend email

Brain Sciences Foundation Board of Directors

University of Minnesota Brian Sciences Center

NameTitleTo ServeContact
Raymond EidenPresident1 yearSend email
Michael SchafferVice President3 yearsSend email
Rosemary NiesenSecretary/Treasurer2 yearsSend email
Bob Locker1 yearSend email
Tim Sanken2 yearsSend email
John Weiss3 yearsSend email
Joseph NiesenSALSend email
Barbara HopewellALA1 yearSend email
Kat BenjaminALA2 yearsSend email
Anna EellsALA3 yearsSend email
Jennifer HavlickDept. CommanderSend email
Tim WeaverSAL CommanderSend email
Mary KuperusDept. PresidentSend email
Dan LudwigAdvisorSend email

Children & Youth Committee

Karen WelanderChairmanSend email
Veronica FernlundVice ChairmanSend email

Convention Corporation Board

NameTitleTo ServeContact
Jim MertensChairman1 yearSend email
Richard GrobeSecretary2 yearsSend email
Tom SchottenbauerVice Chairman3 yearsSend email
Don Hayden4 yearsSend email
Janet Lorenzo5 yearsSend email
Al DavisTreasurerSend email

Credentials Committee

NameTitleTo ServeContact
Lynne NottageChairman3 yearsSend email
Virgil Wagner1 years
Betty Jass2 yearsSend email

Employment Committee

Luis CamperoChairmanSend email
And one member from each district

Fastpitch Softball Committee

Minnesota American Legion Fastpitch Softball website

NameTitleTo ServeContact
Michael ArvidsonDirector2 yearsSend email
LuAnn McMahanVice Director1 yearSend email
David ThompsonVice Director3 yearSend email
Charlie O'Connell1st DistrictSend email
Steve Fosness2nd DistrictSend email
Vacant3rd District
Vacant4th District
Vacant5th District
Jim Birchem6th DistrictSend email
Hal Meyer7th DistrictSend email
Vacant8th District
Vacant9th District
David Thompson10th DistrictSend email
Dean EhlebrechtAmbassadorSend email

Finance Committee

NameTitleTo ServeContact
Carl MoonChairman1 yearsSend email
Dennis Delong2 yearsSend email
Richard Wog3 yearsSend email
Carl Hendrickson4 yearsSend email
Mary Jo York5 yearsSend email
Jennifer HavlickDept. CommanderSend email
William GoedeDept. TreasurerSend email

Fort Snelling National Cemetery Volunteer Committee

Fort Snelling National Cemetery website

Tom MullonRepresentativeSend email

Law & Order Committee

Pat LoganChairmanSend email
Jeff BrokawSend email
Susan EdwardsSend email

Legionnaire Insurance Trust Committee

Sign up for no-cost Legioncare here

NameTitleTo ServeContact
Bill BarbknechtChairman1 yearsSend email
James Olson2 yearsSend email
Robert Hart3 yearsSend email

Legionville Education Center Board of Directors

Legionville Education Center website

Carl MoonPresidentSend email
Victor GadesVice PresidentSend email
William GoedeTreasurerSend email
Mike MaxaSecretarySend email
Richard CrossLegion Rep.Send email
Jennifer HavlickDept. CommanderSend email
Mary KuperusDept. PresidentSend email
James BlakesleySchool Safety PatrolSend email
Tim WeaverSAL CommanderSend email
Ted BergLegion Riders DirectorSend email
Kevin Kibler40&8 Rep.Send email
Glenn Mueller1st DistrictSend email
Betty Jass2nd DistrictSend email
Don Skow3rd DistrictSend email
Teresa Ash4th DistrictSend email
Dennis Delong5th DistrictSend email
Carl Moon6th DistrictSend email
Victor Gades7th DistrictSend email
Larry Pocrnich8th DistrictSend email
Dan Wilsey9th DistrictSend email
Paul Hassing10th DistrictSend email
Adam FeltonCamp ManagerSend email
Rachael HillComptrollerSend email
Greg ColbyDept. Judge Adv.Send email
Wayne GilbertsonMember EmeritusSend email

Legislative Committee

Kristy JanigoChairmanSend email
Eric AhlnessSend email
Mike ParrySend email
Allen LundSend email

Media & Communications Committee

NameTitleTo ServeContact
Teresa AshChairman3 yearsSend email
Amy Larsen1 yearsSend email
Kurt Roettjer2 yearsSend email
Chris Anderson4 yearsSend email
James Hultgren5 yearsSend email
Jennifer HavlickDept. CommanderSend email
Mike MaxaDept. AdjutantSend email
Tim EngstromDept. Comm. DirectorSend email

Membership Committee

Linda DvorakDirectorSend email
Duane AndersonVice Cmdr. 1&3Send email
Ryan HillVice Cmdr. 2&7Send email
Randy BastyrVice Cmdr. 4&5Send email
Gary H. OlsonVice Cmdr. 6&9Send email
Paul OrsonVice Cmdr. 8&10Send email

Minnesota American Legion Foundation Board of Directors

NameTitleTo ServeContact
Lloyd RickerPresident3 yearsSend email
Bruce KottomVice President2 yearsSend email
Wayne Hammon Jr.Secretary4 yearsSend email
Roger MyrenTreasurer5 yearsSend email
Greg ColbyLegal CounselSend email
Ryan Hill1 yearsSend email
Jennifer HavlickDept. CommanderSend email
Tom FernlundJr. Past CommanderSend email

National Security & Foreign Relations

NameTitleTo ServeContact
James KelloggChairman5 yearsSend email
Eugene Leifeld1 yearsSend email
Gary H. Olson2 yearsSend email
Ted Berg3 yearsSend email
Brad Pagel4 yearsSend email
Curt NorenbergMember EmeritusSend email

Pheasant Feed Committee

Glenn MuellerChairmanSend email
Jon OlsonVice ChairmanSend email

Resolutions Assignment Committee

NameTitleTo ServeContact
Al DavisChairman1 yearsSend email
Cliff Newman2 yearsSend email
James Munson3 yearsSend email

Sons of The American Legion

SAL Detachment of Minnesota website

Gary WeaverAdvisorSend email
Joe NiesenSouthSend email
Garylee DavenportNorthSend email
Officers elected at Detachment Convention in JulyList of Minn. SAL officers

Strategic Planning Committee

NameTitleTo ServeContact
Roxanne ZoetChairman1 yearsSend email
Sylvan FixSecretary2 yearsSend email
Carla Tappainer3 yearsSend email
Mike Costello4 yearsSend email
Pam Krill5 yearsSend email
Jennifer HavlickDept. Commander
Tom FernlundJr. Dept. Commander
Dan LudwigAdvisor

Training Committee

Minnesota Legion College webpage training webpage

NameTitleTo ServeContact
Mike AshChairman3 yearsSend email
Gary Richardson1 yearSend email
Joe Bayer1 yearSend email
Paul Edwards1 yearsSend email
Kelley Adelsman2 yearsSend email
Joe Tappainer4 yearsSend email
Vacant5 yearsSend email

Veterans 4 Veterans Trust Fund Board of Directors

Veterans 4 Veterans (V4V) website

NameTitleTo ServeContact
Darrel RedepenningLegion Rep.1 yearsSend email
Don PankakeLegion Rep.2 yearsSend email

Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Committee

VA&R reports webpage

NameTitleTo ServeContact
Marissa LaCourtChairman5 yearsSend email
Tim Burley1 yearsSend email
Jan Ekert2 yearsSend email
Lynn Lyons3 yearsSend email
Don Dufner4 yearsSend email
Ray KaneDept. Service OfficerSend email
Janet LorenzoAssistant Dept. Service OfficerSend email