Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation VA&R

VA&R Committee

The purpose of the Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation (VA&R) Committee is to formulate and recommend to the Department Executive Committee of The American Legion Department of Minnesota policies, plans, and programs as they concern Minnesota veterans. Areas of oversight include physical and vocational rehabilitation, education, social and economic readjustment, entitlement to compensation and pension, and the support of their dependents and survivors.

VA&R Committee Site Visits

We believe that veterans deserve access to information.  The American Legion Dept. of MN shares the results of site visits performed at facilities in Minnesota where veterans are cared for. Annual site visits are performed by the Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Committee.  Feel free to download and read the reports for the current American Legion year below.

St. Cloud VA HCS Site Visit

Annual Report 2022

VA&R Committee Roster

Name and Title
Home Post
Term to Serve
Tim Burley, Committee Secretary
Post 96
1 year
Jan Ekert, Committee Member
Post 483
2 years
Lynn Lyons, Committee Member
Post 435
3 years
Don Dufner, Committee Member
Post 453
4 years
Marissa LaCourt, Committee Chair
Post 1776
5 years

VA&R Staff

Ray Kane, MPLS Department Service Officer
Open, St. Cloud Department Service Officer

              To contact the Department Service Officers, (DSOs), email  

MPLS DSO (612) 467-3849

St. Cloud DSO

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