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Burial at Sea – WWII Avenger Aircraft

This is a very touching video, actually a piece of film that has been made into a video, this is one that is NOT Photo-shopped, it’s real.

Notice in the opening shot of the plane landing on the carrier deck the gunner’s position is all shot to hell while the pilot’s cockpit ahead of it is undamaged.  Later on notice the corpsman taking a fingerprint of the deceased gunner, before the film continues, then shows the chaplain saying   final prayers, followed by taps, then the sailors push the aircraft and this patriotic airman over the side and watch it sink into   the sea.

This is what 18 to 24 year old “boys” were doing from 1942 to 1945. (Half of them not even old enough to vote.)

No safe spaces, no hurtful unthinkable remarks that they couldn’t cope with, just   dying for their country so the ungrateful, uninformed  snowflakes of today could act like fools decades later.

This 2 minute video is pretty moving.  Worth your while.  “What actually made this country great is ordinary people like this   doing extraordinary things.