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Boys State Movie

Since 1935, the American Legion has run Boys State, a week-long exercise in self-governance using the political system on the state government level. High school students are accepted into the program, where they are split into two parties, Nationalists and Federalists, that run political campaigns for several positions, including the top spot of Governor. As the titular new Apple TV+ film by Amanda McBaine and Jesse Moss opens, we see several famous politicians and pundits who have partaken in the event, from Bill Clinton and Cory Booker to Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh. Attendance doesn’t guarantee success on the same level as these men, but if this entertaining documentary is any indication, it will definitely prepare one for the highs and lows of the American political system. This movie takes place at the Texas Boys State week with roughly 1200 boys in attendance.

I watched this movie this past Thursday night with my daughter who was a Girls Stater, 14 years ago, and we both  enjoyed this movie! It is well made focusing on the boys and the journey to the Governors seat. I highly recommend this movie and use it to recruit boys to attend our Minnesota Boys State. Every boy my Post 79 has sponsored, was excited to share his experience’s during Boys State week and the fun, new friendships and to see first hand how our state government works.

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