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Veterans Week of Advocacy

Veterans Week of Advocacy 2021

 We are now half way through the inaugural Minnesota Veterans Week of Advocacy and I am reaching out to ask you to take action today.

What is Veterans Week of Advocacy?

This is a week set by the VSO’s in the CTF, UVLC, and the MACVSO to highlight legislative issues for Veterans at a state and federal level. It is an expansion on the previous Veterans Day on the Hill. Here is an overview video:

Where can I find information on it?

In this note, and you can view videos from people like Gov. Walz, Rep. Emmer, Commissioner Herke, and VSO leadership here:

What can I do?

Get informed, you can sign up for the DAV’s Commanders Action Network to stay up to date on the latest federal issues. After you have signed up, DAV CAN will send you alerts to “take action” where in 30 seconds you can send a message to your Senator or Representative. Sign up here:

You can also take action today. You can contact your State Representative and State Senator and express support for a couple of issues. Here is how you can do it.

  1. If you aren’t sure how to get ahold of your state level elected officials go here and type in your address:
  2. Now give them a call, don’t worry if you get the Legislative Assistant or answering machine, either way they will hear your message. Here is an example of what you might say:

 “Hi I am (Your Name) a constituent from (where you live) and I am asking (Representative or Senator So-and-so) to do everything within their power to ensure this is the year the Veterans Restorative Justice Act, SF116 and language included in HF 752, passes. I also believe Veterans issues should be separated from all the partisan fighting, and moved the floor as a standalone omnibus.” 

  1. If they ask any questions you aren’t prepared to answer respectfully ask that they reach out to The American Legion Adjutant Mike Maxa @ 651.424.4613.

The final thing you can do to support the Veterans Week of Advocacy is pass this along to all of the Veterans and supporters of Veterans you know and ask them to take action today.

Please let me know if you have any questions.