Predatory Claims Companies Contacting Veterans

VSOs discuss concerns over predatory claims companies.

The American Legion and other VSOs are quite concerned about the predatory behavior of “for
profit companies” offering their services to veterans. They give veterans the illusion that a paid
service will yield better service and results, while these companies are not even able to file
claims as they are not accredited; some are charging veterans as much as 10 percent of their
compensation for the rest of their lives.

These companies have been aggressively lobbying members of the U.S. Senate, and when VSO
address this issue many senators don’t understand the harm these companies are inflicting.
Veterans should not have to pay for what they have earned.

The American Legion Department Service Officers as well as other accredited representatives
are encouraged to provide the Legion’s national staff with information on predatory claims
companies that have affected veterans the Legion currently represents.

One example of a company that charges veterans for its services is Veterans Disability Aid, Inc.
which states on its website: “Why rely on a Veterans Service Officer (who may not have
your best interests in mind?) Go with the professional advocates who are committed to you and
have a vested interest in your success.

Be cautious and when in doubt contact your Department leadership and ask if this is legit!