Do you Qualify for a Tax Exclusion?

Military tax information

You may qualify for a property tax exclusion on your home. The exclusion may lower the amount of property taxes you pay. This program is administered by Minnesota counties.

Do I qualify for this exclusion?

You may qualify if all of these are true:

  • You were honorably discharged from the United States armed forces
  • You have a service-connected disability rating of 70% or higher
  • You own and occupy a homestead property by December 31, 2022

You may also qualify if you are the surviving spouse or primary family caregiver of qualifying veterans and service members. For details, see our Market Value Exclusion for Veterans with a Disability webpage.

Additionally, beginning for tax year 2021, veteran’s disability compensation is no longer included in the household income calculation when filing for a property tax refund.

How do I apply?

See our Market Value Exclusion for Veterans with a Disability webpage for application details. You will need to work with your county’s Veteran Service Officer (VSO) to apply.

What if I move after receiving the exclusion?

You must submit a new application for your new homestead. If you moved to a different county, work with the VSO in that county.

 What if I have questions?

  • For questions about the exclusion, contact your county assessor’s office
  • For questions about required forms for the application, speak with your county’s VSO

Visit the Department of Minnesota Revenue; , for more details.