Armed Forces Service Center to move inside security at the airport

Active military members and others in related fields take advantage of the Armed Forces Service Center at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Monday, Oct. 14. The facility is prior to going through security but moves this month to the other side. The American Legion Department of Minnesota helps fund the 49-year-old AFSC.

Traveling military members will get to keep their shoes on before they kick back

The Armed Forces Service Center at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is moving inside the security perimeter later this month.

The move is expected to be done by Oct. 25. Military members and their families waiting for their connecting flights no longer will need to exit and reenter security to take advantage of the 24-hour facility, which offers sleeping quarters, complimentary food, wireless Internet, a TV-viewing room and volunteer assistance, all at no charge.

The grand opening, however, is slated for Jan. 9 from noon to 2 p.m. It coincides with a year that celebrates the facility’s 50th anniversary.

The Armed Forces Service Center will expand to more than 4,900 feet inside Terminal 1. It will be at the end of Concourse C, across the rotunda, at the entrance to Concourse A. Presently, the AFSC is on the mezzanine above the ticketing lobby.

The center, funded by corporations, veteran organizations and private donations, also is available to military retirees, former prisoners of war, Purple Heart recipients, Medal of Honor recipients and Department of Defense or U.S. Public Health Service personnel.

The Armed Forces Service Center at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport has bunks for traveling members of the military and related fields. The new facility will offer more space and more bunks. Read more about it in the November Legionnaire.