10 Reasons to Join the Minnesota American Legion

The American Legion has so much to offer veterans and members of the community. Here are 10 of countless reasons to join your local Minnesota American Legion post!


1. Camaraderie 

When you join the Minnesota American Legion, you gain a big family filled with people who understand and respect your military service and sacrifice. 


2. Support

Your Minnesota American Legion post has your back. Not only do we support you on a day-to-day basis but if you fall on hard times, your Legion family will rally around you in practical ways.


3. Legislative advocacy

The American Legion has been instrumental in creating many veteran benefits and lobbying for veteran interests at all levels of government. Today, the American Legion needs your support to maintain and expand benefits for the next generation of vets. The more veterans we have on our team, the more we can accomplish.


4. Youth mentorship opportunities

After serving our country, many veterans enjoy serving their communities and helping today’s youth become tomorrow’s leaders. There are many opportunities to participate in youth mentorship through the Minnesota American Legion. Legion baseball, Boys State, Legionville and the Oratorical Contest are just a few!


5. Healthcare assistance

We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality, affordable healthcare, veterans most certainly included. That’s why, as part of our mission, we help veterans access premium health care through the VA Healthcare System.


6. Helping homeless vets

At the Minnesota American Legion, we facilitate access to medical services, mental health counseling, rehab, employment and housing assistance and nutritious meals for homeless vets in our communities.


7. Heroes to Hometowns

Through this program, we help wounded veterans transition back into their communities by meeting practical needs that make life at home easier. This can include installing ramps for wheelchairs, widening doorways, installing shower bars, etc. 

8. Operation Comfort Warriors

We provide comfort items not usually supplied by the government for patients in military hospitals and warrior transition units. These items can include sweatshirts and sweatpants, puzzles, electronic devices, books and recreational goods, among others.


9. Get Out The Vote program

We advocate for all U.S. citizens to register and vote. We do this in a number of nonpartisan ways. We call potential voters, we provide rides to the polls and we use social media and newspapers to share information about poll locations and times.


10. Samsung American Legion scholarship

We proudly award this annual scholarship to high school juniors and seniors who attend the American Legion Boys State and the American Legion Auxiliary Girls State programs. Recipients must be of direct descent to a wartime U.S. military vet. Scholarship funds may be used for tuition, books and fees including room and board. 

If you’d like more information about joining your local Minnesota American Legion post, visit our membership page here! #joinmnamericanlegion