Adjutant's Updates

The American Legion at its Best!



My children live some distance from here, and my dear wife recently passed away.  Our local legion post has always been a haven of friendship and social networking, but in recent years has given support in many ways, not merely physical or social.  During my wife’s lengthy illnesses and since my recuperation from a recently broken hip, we were able to access many of the post’s stock of home health aids, wheel chairs, etc., etc.  Additionally, the post sends me ― free ― 3 large lunches a week

Several members visited my wife in our living room hospital bed the day before she died. Our post Chaplain and my pastor son from St. Joseph, Missouri co-officiated at her funeral.  Her legion auxiliary unit did an impressive ritual.

My neighbor, past commander of the Sons of the American Legion, mows my lawn and plows my long driveway if I don’t beat him to it ― which I seldom do anymore (He even confiscated my truck key for a while).  He also drives me to medical appointments.

Yes, this post, with its outstanding officers, both male and female, are family and every bit as close as actual relatives can be.  God bless them.


Richard F. Doyle

American Legion Post 225

Forest Lake, Minn.