Adjutant's Updates

National Legislation Action Alert


Going forward, the National Legislative Division will be sharing all Action Alerts with Department Commanders and Adjutants to expand our reach and increase the effectiveness of our digital advocacy efforts. Using Actions Alerts greatly increases our memberships reach and allows The American Legion to continue to lead on legislation at the national level.

What are Action Alerts?

  • The National Legislative Division uses VoterVoice, a software program that allows our members to send emails to their Congressional Representative and Senators. It allows us to have members send an approved, unified message to congress in large numbers and verifies the members address so the message gets to the right members of congress.
  • Action Alerts will be conducted 3-6 times a year on legislation that is in line with The American Legion’s Legislative Agenda as dictated by the Legislative Commission.
  • All active Action Alerts can be found here at our Action Center ( or by visiting and clicking Legislative Action Center.

Our current Action Alert is to  build congressional support for S. 4657 & H.R. 2898, which directs the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to designate one week each year as “Buddy Check Week”. This bill would expand an American Legion program to the Department of Veterans of Affairs and dramatically increase the number of veterans we can positively effect.  The hard work you do at the local level will be elevated to a national program to reach even more veterans! This bill is a timely, effective, and low-cost response to the rising isolation as a result of a global pandemic.

Please see National Commander James W. “Bill” Oxford’s statement in support of the bill here: