News becomes the main way to get things done

With Minnesota now under a stay-at-home order by the governor for a minimum of two weeks, Department Membership Director Sy Fix is asking now more then ever to put to use.

He said it is unfortunate that it takes a situation like this for members to realize how useful the tool can be to process membership and look up past dues and Post 1982 members.

“Pull up those past due reports, call your fellow Post members, send them some names to call,” he said.

Fix also suggests you look at the Post 1982 members and get them transferred into your Posts, especially if they have already paid their dues, in which case, there is no need to be in physical contact with them.

Fix and Commander Mark Dvorak said they are extremely grateful for all the hard work to date and ask that members keep pushing forward.

“We will get through this,” Dvorak said.