Good Reasons To Join

Membership in The American Legion and Sons of The American Legion brings with it special benefits that not only provide protection for your family, but substantial money-saving discounts.

As a member, you are eligible to participate in The American Legion Life Insurance Program . . . low cost life insurance . . . unique life insurance plans designed to meet the needs of Veterans of all ages and their spouses.

You’ll also get special discounts from moving companies, car rental companies, and thousands of hotels and motels. You will also enjoy healthcare discounts on eyewear and prescription drugs. Using any one of these discounts regularly can easily offset your entire year’s dues. It’s a benefit package your entire family can enjoy!

An important thing to remember about the benefits is to call ahead for reservations, if applicable, such as hotel and rental car reservations. Also, call or write for current rates on investments – money market, CD’s and The American Legion Annuity.

Use the toll-free phone numbers or write and get the information you need. Our providers will be happy to discuss the benefits with you.

NOTE: These discount offers are valid only at participating locations and are not valid with any other discounts or special prices. The American Legion does not guarantee any discount.