Dvorak: Legionville to get 75 percent this time

Commander’s Column
By Mark Dvorak

This article is my first for the new Legion year. First and foremost, I would like to thank the Department, District and Post Leadership that will be serving a second consecutive year for your dedication and commitment to our American Legion Family.

I personally visited with many of you, and without hesitation, you committed to serve in a leadership position for another year. You are all dedicated American patriots! I’m proud to serve with all of you for another year.

Mark Dvorak

“For Love Of Country” will remain as my theme for the year. My two projects, Legionville and Wounded Warriors Guide Service (a Minnesota nonprofit) will remain as my projects. This past year 75 percent of donations went to Wounded Warriors Guide Service and 25 percent to Legionville.

This year 75 percent will go to Legionville and 25 percent to Wounded Warriors Guide Service. If you want your donation to go to only one of my projects, you can specify that and all your donation will go to that project. Please make checks payable to the following fund: Minnesota American Legion Foundation Fund 82. Thank you to all who donated to my projects this past year.

I’m happy to say that myself, Department Auxiliary President Mary Hendrickson and Sons of The American Legion Detachment Commander Dave Vulcan will be having a Joint Testimonial. We have been told that this is probably a first for the Department. It will be on Saturday, June 19, 2021, at the American Legion Park Ballroom, New Prague Post 45. More information to follow.

Membership Director Sy Fix held a meeting on July 15 for District leadership and important membership ideas were discussed. All districts were represented and did a great job expressing ideas on how to move forward for a more successful membership year. All are ready and motivated to have a great year! Please remember to ask if you need help with any membership program including We are all in this together and must work as a team.

We held our first Department Executive Committee meeting of the new year on July 18. The Department officers and District commanders were installed by National Executive Committeeman Bill Barbknecht.

Thank you, Bill, for installing us! Many comments and ideas were shared during the meeting, one that will be considered is the possibility of having our Department Convention from Thursday to Sunday morning, rather than Wednesday to Saturday morning. Look for additional information on this subject in the near future.

As Legion Family members, we support the founding principles of our country. Through The American Legion’s Four Pillars, we carry on our country’s legacy. As we begin our 102nd year of making a difference, let’s all take a moment to praise our successes and remind ourselves that our mission continues! Thank you all for your support, I am honored and humbled to be your Department commander — again.

For God and Country, we continue to serve.

Mark Dvorak is the commander of The American Legion Department of Minnesota.