Resolution No. 1: Statement on Ukraine


Resolution No. 1: Statement on Ukraine

Origin: Register Resolution No. 2816 (NC) Department Executive Committee

Submitted By: National Security Commission

WHEREAS, The American Legion believes in a rules-based international order where the territorial boundaries of any sovereign nation should not be changed by force; and
WHEREAS, The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an essential element of U.S. national security in an increasingly multi-polar world where rising powers have become increasingly adversarial and have committed to work together to revise the rules-based international order; and
WHEREAS, After the end of the Cold War, the United States and NATO created a European security architecture that gave no role to Russia; and
WHEREAS, Article 5 is an essential element of the NATO alliance and should be upheld, but this mutual defense clause does not extend to non-member states; and
WHEREAS, The U.S. should thoroughly exhaust all diplomatic and economic tools at its disposal before utilizing military force; and
WHEREAS, The U.S. Constitution grants Congress the sole power to declare war; and
WHEREAS, The National Security Commission met on February 25, 2022, at 2:00 p.m., and this resolution has the approval of the National Security Commission; now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, By the National Executive Committee of The American Legion by a vote pursuant to Rule 12 of the Rules of the National Executive Committee, That The American Legion support a peaceful conflict resolution in Ukraine, in conjunction with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Russian Federation; and supports a European security architecture that takes into account the national security interests of all parties; and, be it further
RESOLVED, That The American Legion does not support the deployment of troops for combat operations in defense of non-NATO member countries in connection with the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict but urges the administration to continue the supply of lethal and non-lethal aid to Ukrainian forces; and, be it further
RESOLVED, That the administration and U.S. Congress maintain a strong stance and resist any agreement that could undermine the strategic rationale for the normalization of agreements between NATO, Russia, and Ukraine; and, be it further
RESOLVED, That U.S. servicemembers should not be deployed in support of combat operations in any theater unless four conditions have been fulfilled:
1. That there will be a clear statement by the president of why it is in our vital national interests to be engaged in a particular operation
2. Guidelines will be established for the mission, including a clear exit strategy
3. That Congress is consulted and authorizes the use of military force
4. That it be made clear U.S. forces will be commanded only by U.S. officers; and, be it finally
RESOLVED, That The American Legion reaffirms its unwavering admiration of, and support for, our American men and women serving in uniform throughout the world, and we reaffirm our efforts to provide sufficient national assets to ensure their well-being