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War Stories Volume 3 by Al Zdon


Al Zdon’s latest book on the Minnesotans who defended their nation is out and available for purchase. This continues the work started in the previous War Stories (found below), documenting the Minnesotans who answered the call to serve and their experiences.

Available by mail or through PayPal.


Zdon_FinalCover_021War Stories Volume II by Al Zdon

Further Accounts of Minnesotans Who Defended Their Nation

War Stories, Volume II, Further Accounts of Minnesotans Who Defended Their Nation is now available. The book is a sequel to the original War Stories, and contains 35 new stories of Minnesota veterans who fought in the various wars.  The book has 304 pages, and includes hundreds of pictures, maps and other images that help tell the stories.



You can securely order using the Paypal link below. The cost of the book is $29.00 which includes shipping.

War Stories, Volume II, is also available for pick-up at Department Headquarters in St. Paul at a cost of $25.00 each.

All the proceeds from the book will go toward American Legion youth programs such as Baseball, Boys and Girls State, Oratorical and Legionville.