Legionville School Safety Patrol Training Center

It is not necessary that patrol members be sponsored or funded only by Legion Posts and Units. Others who send youngsters to Legionville may be service organizations such as PTSA, JCs, Kiwanis, Lions, Labor Organizations, business firms, church organizations, individuals, villages, or the like. Parents can also choose to sponsor and pay for their own children.

The registrations fee for Patrol Campers is $285.00 per student and is paid by the sponsoring organization or parent.

The registration fee for Alumni Campers is $285.00 per student and is usually paid by the parent.

Any students that are hoping to be or scheduled to be members of their school safety patrol program are eligible to attend as a Patrol Camper. Legionville is a summer camp with a designated purpose. The program is not designed to serve as a reward for those who have already served with their patrol. Due to the nature of our training and limited space, repeat campers are not allowed EXCEPT during alumni sessions.