Legionville School Safety Patrol Training Center

The registration fee is $285.00 per student and $285.00 for Alumni campers. The fee must accompany the application for a reservation to be placed.

Enrollment will be limited to 168 trainees each week. Sponsors may select the session they wish to have their students attend as long as there are vacancies; otherwise, registrations will be on a “first come, first served” basis. Assignments will be made by Legionville School Safety Patrol Camp. Sponsors will be advised of the dates of reservation. Parents/guardians are asked to remain flexible and understanding relative to their children's assignment.

All reservation forms are in PDF format.

Reservation Information and Suggestions

2019 Brochure

Parent Information Sheet

Reservation Letter

Camper Reservation Form
Alumni Camper Reservation Form

REGISTRATION IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL the fee and reservation requests have been received and the local school patrol chairman or Alumni parent has returned the properly completed individual patrol member registration forms to the St. Paul Office. Local school patrol chairman or alumni parent are notified when registration is completed. DO NOT SEND PATROL MEMBERS TO LEGIONVILLE UNLESS THE LOCAL SCHOOL PATROL CHAIRMAN OR ALUMNI PARENT HAS BEEN NOTIFIED THAT A FIRM RESERVATION IS MADE.