Fighterfighter Of The Year


Americans, especially since the tragic day of September 11, 2001, understand the heroism, bravery and importance of our nation's firefighters and their role in helping to safeguard life and property. The Preamble of the Constitution of The American Legion includes as one of its objectives... "to maintain Law and Order". As concerned citizens and veterans, Legionnaires have always fostered a strong sense of law and order and have upheld the protection of American citizens and the American way of life. They have always held firefighter agencies in the highest regard, and many posts and departments already recognize outstanding firefighters of various jurisdictions who daily serve our communities and frequently lay their lives on the line.

This award shall be known as "The American Legion Firefighter of the Year Award" and it will be presented annually at the National Convention or other suitable American Legion settings, as appropriate. All Departments are encouraged to participate in this worthwhile and prestigious award program.

To be eligible for consideration, Department nominees must meet the following criteria:
a. Be a citizen of the United States, male or female.
b. Be a certified, living, active, full-time, paid, or volunteer firefighter.
c. Consideration for a posthumous award will be acceptable only if the nominee's death has occurred after         the department's selection and within the dates for which the award is being presented.
d. Be assigned to, or fully recognized by, Municipal (City), County, District, State or Federal firefighter              officer.
e. Department nominees are not required to be veterans or members of The American Legion.
f. Reside and be assigned or attached for duty in the Department from which they are selected.
g. If nominee is selected for the National Award, nominee should be available to receive the National award at The American Legion National Convention.
h. Military firefighters are eligible for participation in this award provided they are state firefighter certified.

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