Outstanding Enlisted Of The Year


Download the requirements (word document)

The Military Achievement Awards Program offers Minnesota Legionnaires a very visible means of expressing our appreciation and at the same time provides an opportunity to recognize OUTSTANDING ENLISTED MEN AND WOMEN from all branches of the National Guard and Reserve who continue to serve our communities, our state and nation.

1. Requirements that should be met by each nominated Candidate:

    a.     Be a member of a Reserve or Guard Component. Candidate could be a member of any of the following: Army National Guard, Air National Guard, US Army Reserve, US Naval Reserve, US Marine Corps Reserve, US Coast Guard Reserve, US Air Force Reserve.

    b.    Perform Reserve or National Guard functions routinely within the State or adjacent area.

    c.     Be assigned to a Reserve or National Guard Unit on pay status.

    d.    Must have been assigned to current Unit during the entire period under consideration (at least current and previous year).

    e.     Attended annual training/or call to active duty during period under consideration with Unit.

    f.     Maintained at least 95% actual attendance at scheduled drills with Unit to which assigned during period under consideration, unless serving on active duty.

    g.    No disciplinary record during period under consideration.

    h.    Be qualified in both duty and primary military occupation specialty.

    i.      Character and efficiency rating of "excellent" during period under consideration. 

2. Additional requirements to be considered in making nominations.