Employment Service Awards Program


These awards are meant to recognize and honor outstanding Local Veterans Employment Representatives, Disabled Veteran Outreach Program specialists, and local Job Service offices. The national winners of these awards receive their plaques at our annual national convention each year. Winners in each Department receive their plaques at any event the Department Adjutant and Department Employment Chairman consider suitable.

What's needed: Facts, figures, an interesting narrative that tells what makes this nominee special. What activities does this candidate do to develop employment opportunities for veterans? In what ways is this candidate involved with the local veterans' service organizations? Include the veterans performance standards put out by the Department of Labor. Detail the nominee's record in placing disabled and special disabled veterans. Please keep the whole packet to ten or fewer pages. These pages will be photocopied and distributed to the selection subcommittee members.

Each entry should be accompanied by a cover letter stating that this is indeed the Department's choice for that award. In your cover letter, please indicate the desired presentation date for the plaque. Please allow about six weeks for the plaque to be prepared.

What's not needed: Binders, report covers, page protectors, photographs,¬ logs¬ of how many people the nominee saw each day, inch-thick sheaves of anything. Photos do not photocopy well, and so much information simply overwhelms the subcommittee.

                               Download Employment Service Award Nomination Application