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Alumni campers are campers who have participated in a session at Legionville within the last 3 years and are 14 year of age or younger. Alumni campers do not need to be working towards being a patrol in the coming year. A special program has been designed for them that will incorporate Safety and Team Building skills.

This year, Session 3 will be an Alumni Campers only session. This session will also be open to any campers who were scheduled for the cancelled 2018 summer sessions and were unable to attend. We hope that many of you will join us this summer to experience Legionville Camp.  During this session a special program will be offered exclusively for these campers.

Alumni Campers can attend other sessions, but will participate in the same programs as the Patrol Campers.

Students who will be 10 years old before September 1st and not older than 13 years will be accepted. Exceptions to this restriction can be made but must be cleared in advance through our St. Paul office.

The registration fee for Alumni campers is $285.00. The fee must accompany the application for a reservation to be placed.

Enrollment will be limited to 168 trainees each week. Sponsors may select the session they wish to have their students attend as long as there are vacancies; otherwise, registrations will be on a “first come, first served” basis. Assignments will be made by Legionville School Safety Patrol Camp. Sponsors will be advised of the dates of reservation. Parents/guardians are asked to remain flexible and understanding relative to their children's assignment.

The sponsor is responsible for sufficient liability or insurance to cover possible accidents resulting in bodily injury or property damage while traveling to and from Legionville. The Legionville School Safety Patrol Training Center, Inc. assumes the cost, to a maximum of $2,000.00, for any medical expenses arising out of accidental injury incurred while at the Center, not covered by other insurance.

A Health History
is required of each student by a Parent/Guardian as part of the registration process. The white registration form with the campers health history and family health insurance information should be completed and sent in prior to the campers arrival at Legionville. Each camper is required to have had a physical within 3 months of arriving at camp. While at Legionville, competent medical service is available for emergencies which might occur. Every precaution is taken to avoid accidents and prevent illnesses. All state health standards are met or exceeded.

IMPORTANT: Trainees attending their assigned session should make every attempt to arrive on the designated Sunday between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM.  (Do not arrive before 2:00 PM as the camp staff will not be available for check-in before that.) Please make sure daily medications and canteen money are in hand during check-in.

Parents, guardians, sponsors, drivers, etc. are encouraged to come to Legionville on Friday afternoon for our camp graduation ceremony at 2:00 PM. Following the ceremony, trainees will be free to check out with you to return home. Departure or check-out from Legionville is scheduled from 2:30 until 3:00 PM on Friday. For this or any other concerns regarding arrival or departure, please feel free to call Legionville at 218/829-3094.
It must be emphasized that all campers must check out in the office before leaving Legionville at the end of the week.

The sponsor/alumni parent is responsible for coordinating transportation of trainees to and from Legionville. This is not included in the registration fee. Please provide that the trainee be taken directly to Legionville.

Sponsors and parents are encouraged to double check the means of transportation to be used in returning the youngsters from Legionville. Past experience has shown that in some instances youngsters are stranded at Legionville because of confusion in the pick-up arrangements. This can be a real problem for the student, especially after a week at camp. We suggest that communities pool transportation with other communities in their area.

Telephone calls of an emergency nature can be placed to Legionville during any hour of any day or night by calling 218-829-3094. During the times when the office is not staffed, phone calls will be forwarded to the Camp Manager's cell phone. Due to the number of campers attending Legionville each week and our business use of the telephone, we cannot allow campers to use the telephone at their convenience. Parents are asked to encourage their son/daughter to write postcards or letters as an alternative. Experience has shown that well meaning phone calls from parents tend to encourage homesickness and make the week more difficult for the camper.

"Mail Call" is always a very important part of the camper's day. We encourage you to mail cards and letters to your child. Don't forget your patrol member just because he/she is at camp. Letters to students or staff should have the following address:

      c/o Legionville Camp
      9544 Legionville Road
      Brainerd, Minnesota 56401

E-mail can be sent to campers at and MUST be limited to 1 email per day. Only 1 email will be printed out and handed out with the regular mail received for campers. Please combine greetings from other family members into that one email. Make sure that the campers name and cabin number (if known) are included in the subject line of the email. Campers do NOT have access to the computer and can NOT reply to email messages. No electronic greeting cards will be accepted.

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