Department of Minnesota Convention in Redwood Falls cancelled

The Department of Minnesota Executive Committee approved cancelling the Department Convention slated for July 15-18 at Jackpot Junction in Morton, nearby Redwood Falls, in southwestern Minnesota.

The committee also awards the convention to Jackpot Junction, a casino, hotel and conference center, for the next available year.

The resolution, drafted by Judge Advocate Greg Colby, can be read here.

The resolution also keeps present officers in place for another year, exactly like what had been done when the National Convention planned for Louisville, Kentucky, in late August was cancelled.

“The Department Commander, the five Department Vice Commanders, the Department Chaplain, the Department Sergeant at Arms and the Department Historian continue serving in their current positions until the close of the next Department Convention in 2021,” it states.

The committee voted by electronic communication.

The resolution also strongly urges Minnesota’s Sons of the American Legion, American Legion Riders, American Legion Auxiliary and all programs and foundations to follow the same course of action.

It states: “Due to the numerous health and safety reasons and needs of our members, the Department of Minnesota Executive Committee strongly urges the Detachment of Minnesota Sons of the American Legion, American Legion Riders of the Department of Minnesota, the American Legion Auxiliary, all programs and foundations of The American Legion, and all Districts of the Department of Minnesota follow a similar course of action, namely: cancel their 2020 convention, elections, all gatherings and maintain their current officers until 2021.”

The resolution cites how National events are cancelled through the end of September and urges all cancellations up to that date.

“The American Legion Nationally has passed Resolution Number 3 cancelling the National Convention, all meetings, and all travel of the National Officers and Staff through 30 September 2020 and all National Officers elected and appointed will continue to serve until the 2021 National Convention.”